Monday, March 12, 2007

Sheepychic "Cuffies" - Click on the picture for a closer look.

Sheepychic "Cuffies" are so cute. The kids are lovin' them at the moment. I make them out of Sheepychic hand dyed, hand spun yarns and embellish them with all sorts. The fun furry Cuffie on the left is Black Alpaca plied over with some fancy commercial yarn...and the one on the right is hand dyed and spritzed through with some gold anglina fibre. They're all the one price....leave a comment to reserve yours now! postage. Scroll down to see some others listed. Ruth...xoxox


Sheepychic "Cuffies" - funky and fun...

This Cuffie is made from our old handspun favourite, Sheepychic "Rushworth" and Sheepychic "Rushworth Snowy". Cuffies sizes are aimed at primary school aged kids...if you want one smaller or in adult sizes just email me and I'll make one for you. These embroidered daisies are so adorable...if you want some let me know. I can steer you to Robyn who sells them on ebay.

$7 (free postage)

Sheepychic "Cuffies" - Click on the picture for a closer look.

Sheepychic Cuffies are knitted with Sheepychic hand dyed and hand spun yarn and embellished with all-sorts of goodies. This one is a bright blue handspun knitted through with a sparkling silver commercial yarn.
$7 (free postage) First comment to reserve this cuffie then email me payment details.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Sheepychic "Beach walker" water bottle slings.

Sling your water bottle over your shoulder, or diagonally across your body and GO !!! Knitted in Sheepychic Chunky Handspun Merino your beach walker will keep your water nice and cool.
(Bottle not included, though...but the sling will fit everyday bottle types...if you have a bottle you wish to use just give me the height and diameter measurement.)
To order just leave a comment and email me on All the best, Ruth....

Sheepychic "Mountain Ash"

Available to purchase is Sheepychic "Mountain Ash". A HUGE hank of yarn Approx 170m and weighing 260gms. (Its really 2.5 normal hanks)
Handspun 100% Merino dyed through with greens, lilacs and light blues co-spun with "Moodey Dhoo" glitz and plied back over with Japanese Gold Metallic thread. It is about an 8ply, with beautiful handspun variances. "Mountain Ash" would knit up into an amazing wrap or a huge, wide scarf. $ postage.

Sheepychic "Dimity's violets"...

Sheepychic "Dimity's violets" is a beautiful chunky single and is still available for sale. Chunky yarns can often scare off even seasoned knitters...but do not be afraid! Think of a winter scarf...cast on four or five stitches and just go for it...Chunky yarns like this knit up adorably over Size 10 needles.

180gm, 77m. ...a big hank! Thanks for popping into Sheepychic's shop. All the best, Ruth...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sheepychic "St. Marc's Posie"....SOLD

"St. Marc's Posie" is a cute 100 % Merino single dyed in gorgeous pinks running through with blended soft orange tones. This would be a stunning yarn to use for colourful winter hat. St Marc's Posie has a slight thick 'n' thin style as you see in the picture ranging from about an 8 ply upwards. Measures 80m and 120gms...costing $22.. Purchase in February and Postage will be free. All the best, Ruth...xoxox